Webinar: How to produce Insight-led customer engagement


Friday February 23rd: 2pm (GMT) / 9am (Eastern)

Price: Free

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As the behaviours of healthcare professionals (HCPs) are changing in the digital age, some pharmaceutical companies are adapting their tactics by learning from customers’ online conversations. Discovering which HCPs are influencing vast networks of professional peers, setting the agenda for professional discussion, and even shaping policy decisions, has enabled innovative brand teams to utilise the insights from their HCP social media market research to produce insight-led customer engagement.

This webinar will help you understand what pharmaceutical brands are learning from HCP discussion online and how they are using these insights to plan for meaningful engagement with customers.

In this webinar you will discover:

– The role of HCP Digital Opinion Leaders in emerging pharmaceutical strategies

– Who influences HCP Digital Opinion Leaders

– Ten insights-led customer engagement strategies for pharmaceutical companies

– Compliance and privacy implications

This webinar is recommended for pharmaceutical business leaders who have already attended our past webinars Identifying HCP Digital Opinion Leaders and HCP Market Research Using Social Media or are already familiar with the concepts in that session.

At CREATION we provide insights-led customer engagement strategies to the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, through our unique research into healthcare professional conversations on social media. Our exclusive technology platform, CREATION Pinpoint, tracks the online conversations of more than 500,000 HCP social media profiles, enabling us to understand what your customers are saying about your therapy areas, products and competitors. Our market research reports provide actionable insights based on more than two decades of experience providing strategic planning advice in healthcare.

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