A Competitive Intelligence Study will provide you with unique commercial insights to enable you to:


  • Plan brand messaging, by learning what HCPs are asking or saying about your products
  • Develop online advocates, by identifying those doctors who influence their peers online in a particular therapy area
  • Measure marketing effectiveness, by analysing how HCPs respond to your messaging

Insights just when you need them

Competitive Intelligence Studies are especially useful for pharmaceutical companies at certain key times in a brand’s life, including:

  • Prior to the launch of a product into a new market, to learn from HCP perceptions, identify potential advocates, and refine messaging
  • At product launch, to gain insights into HCP responses to the product
  • When policymakers take a position on a drug, such as when a product gains NICE recommendation, to learn about HCP views or concerns
  • When competing products launch into a market, to measure responses competitor messaging and equip medical reps for HCP conversations
  • Before brand planning, to inform message planning, engagement channels and identify potential HCP opinion leaders online (‘Digital Opinion Leaders’)


Designed around your research goals

Every Competitive Intelligence Study is unique, designed around your own goals. We’ll work with you to understand the context and purpose of your study, and to plan HCP behaviour research that leads to ┬ácommercial insights you can act upon.

Meaningful outputs

Reports are presented by our Research Teams in workshops or web conferences, where you can discuss findings, analysis and recommendations with the team who conducted the study. Reports are tailored to present meaningful analysis of data, which may include:

  • Overall topics discussed by HCPs
  • Analysis of HCP conversation topic trends over time
  • Analysis of channels
  • Detailed extracts of conversations, showing evidence of views about products or other topics
  • Individual HCP profiles including preferred social channels, topics, and networks of influence
  • Analysis of HCP activity around key events such as congress
  • Language and country breakdowns by volume, channel and topic
  • Recommended actions based on known business goals

Find out more about how to brief a Competitive Intelligence Study.

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