An understanding of the pertinent questions to ask is vital when conducting market research. We work with pharma companies across the globe and thought it might be useful to share the top 30 questions we are asked to answer when running a study with CREATION Pinpoint.

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Market research

  • What issues are HCPs facing in my therapy area?
  • What questions do HCPs have about my product?
  • Is any misinformation being shared relating to my therapy area or product?
  • What are the key concerns of each of my HCP customer roles?
  • How are HCPs responding to my latest campaign?
  • What effect is my congress activity having on the online conversation?
  • How does patient conversation compare to HCP conversation?
  • How have HCP views around brands changed over time and what caused this?
  • How are HCPs responding to changing policies?
  • Is conversation around topics fluctuating through the year and what causes this?
  • Is there a lack of education in any discussion around my product which I need to provide information on?
  • What terminology are HCPs using? How can we connect with HCPs using the most relevant language?

Digital Behaviours

  • Do each of my customer roles (docs, nurses, pharmacists etc) behave differently online and how?
  • Which channels is each of my HCP customer roles using?
  • What type of resources are HCPs sharing and which channels are they using?
  • What are the key online sources of medical information for HCPs?
  • How do HCPs behave online in different countries within my therapy area?
  • What online news sources do HCPs most actively share?
  • Which kinds of pharmaceutical campaigns do HCPs engage with most actively?

Competitive Intelligence

  • How is the launch of a competitive product being perceived by HCPs?
  • Are HCP advocates of my brand showing an interest in competitor or comparative products?
  • How are HCPs responding to competitor tactics, both digital and offline?
  • Why do HCPs prefer my competitor’s products?
  • What concerns do they have about products in my therapy area?
  • Are my competitors active in the digital space?
  • Are our apps, toolkits etc valued by healthcare professionals and/or patients?
  • How are HCPs responding to different data releases and studies around my product and competitor products?

Digital Opinion Leader Profiling

  • Who are the digital opinion leaders for my therapy area?
  • What is each of their preferred social media channels, topics of interest and what – or who – influences their attitude towards treatments?
  • Are my KOLs online?
  • Are there any non-traditional HCP roles who are playing a big part in the discussion?
  • Which digital opinion leaders are advocates of my brand and why? What does my DOL’s network of influence look like?

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