Author: Daniel Ghinn

How healthcare professionals engage NICE online

Three years ago, I told a story about healthcare professionals (HCPs) reaching out to NICE – the UK policymaker on NHS spending – and considered the role of influential online oncologists in shaping the organisation’s recommendation on cancer drug Xtandi. Since then, social media has continued to play a growing role in how UK healthcare professionals share ideas and engage with policymakers, as evidenced by new data showing the growth in mentions of NICE by HCPs using Twitter. A study of almost 12,000 Tweets by HCPs since the start of 2016, mentioning NICE’s main Twitter account, @NICEComms, or its website,...

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Study of UK HCP conversation shows needs in Type 1 Diabetes care

A study of conversations about Type 1 Diabetes taking place on public social media among healthcare professionals in the UK shows that concern for patients is their number one priority. The study of 50,000 social media posts by more than 7,000 UK healthcare professionals was conducted using CREATION Pinpoint, a technology that tracks the online public conversations of more than 500,000 healthcare professionals worldwide. Speaking about the study findings, Junell Harrington, who led the research for CREATION, said that the study revealed how healthcare professionals were taking a lead in developing materials and initiatives to support patients: “There is...

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Fifteen uses for Botox you never knew doctors talked about

Listening to healthcare professionals (HCPs) talking about medicines can provide a glimpse into their experiences with products, as well as their hopes or concerns about what they hear from each other. On social media, it is common to find physicians, pharmacists and other professionals discussing how they do or may treat patients; indeed, some specialists have said interacting with peers on social media has helped them to learn new approaches to treatment. Is it possible that the experiences of doctors, shared openly on public social media, could lead to clinical research and, eventually, the approval of new uses for...

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What doctors say about Obamacare after US election

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as the ‘Affordable Care Act’ (ACA), or simply ‘Obamacare’, is a system of healthcare provision in the United States, implemented in 2010. The controversial system, which was designed to provide better healthcare to more people at a lower cost, has been widely debated and challenged ever since President Obama introduced his ideas for US healthcare reform. Under Obamacare, private healthcare insurers compete to offer health cover to customers who do not have plans provided by the government or their employers. The system includes government subsidies to help people buy insurance....

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What healthcare professionals say about Christmas

This year’s CREATION Christmas card features a few fun highlights from our data on healthcare professionals’ online conversations. We analysed 139,170 mentions of Christmas among healthcare professionals on public social media, in English and Spanish languages, during a one-year period to November 2016. During the one-year period in our mini-study, 57,264 healthcare professionals (HCPs) mentioned Christmas. Male HCPs talked less than their female peers about Christmas – Tweets and posts from male HCPs made up just 36% of all HCP mentions, whereas female HCPs contributed 64% of mentions of Christmas. One HCP stood out for his sheer volume of...

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