Author: Daniel Ghinn

[VIDEO] 7 metrics to find your HCP Digital Opinion Leaders

Following on from our article series, 7 metrics to find your HCP Digital Opinion Leaders (Part 1 & Part 2 available at the links), we turned the insights into a short video.  If you would like to delve even deeper into understanding healthcare professional digital opinion leaders, why not sign up for our webinar where you will find out more about influential doctors and other specialists using social media. CLICK HERE TO...

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What a team! Unique brains + unique technology for German vaccines study

This week I took part in a call with a group of international client colleagues, in which members of my team presented a report of our latest research study findings on the views of healthcare professionals. The call was led by Suzanna Gamwell who, in her role as Client Advocate, is primarily focused on making sure our clients gain everything possible from working with us. As Suzanna presented our initial report to the client’s team and facilitated the discussion, I was reminded that her knowledge of the study material followed weeks of working closely with our team of Research...

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Part 2 – 7 metrics to find your HCP Digital Opinion Leaders

Who do you know? In the first part of this 2-part series, I presented three essential metrics to consider when you are looking for healthcare professional Digital Opinion Leaders: content; HCP peer following; and trust. Having analysed these keys, you will want to know more about the role that an HCP plays professionally and  in the public environment of social media. 4. Are they active online regardless of HCP role? An interesting phenomenon we discovered when we started to analyse the online networks of HCPs, is that the senior specialists traditionally associated with peer influence in the ‘offline’ world...

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Part 1 – 7 metrics to find your HCP Digital Opinion Leaders

Trust is key in HCP peer influence Since the launch of CREATION Pinpoint in 2013, we have been refining our methodologies for identifying and profiling the most relevant healthcare professionals (HCPs) in a given therapy area, anywhere in the world. Our technologies keep getting more powerful, with recent R&D and academic collaborations providing new advances that we have been rolling out in our most recent research studies. In a typical HCP online study we identify the key voices within a particular therapy area in a country – those doctors, pharmacists, nurses or other HCP roles who are actively posting...

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What doctors say about EpiPen pricing

Heather Bresch, CEO of pharmaceutical company Mylan, appeared before the US government’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee two weeks ago. In a hearing over the price of her company’s product EpiPen, which is used in emergencies to treat a severe allergic reaction, she heard accusations that the company had set out to “get filthy rich at the expense of our constituents”, by increasing the price of the product. I am not writing this article to tell the story of Mylan’s communications crisis, or to document the story that led to Ms Bresch standing before the US government, since...

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