Author: Jamie Doggett

#colorectalsugery: a key evolutionary moment in the practice of surgery

“Social media allows me as a practitioner to learn about innovations instantly… no matter where they occur on the planet.” Richard Brady, colorectal surgeon, UK. Richard Brady is a surgeon on a mission – to collaborate with his peers across the globe to make more content of interest available and to enrich their conversation. His chosen approach? Collaboration via social media. In April 2016 Richard set up #colorectalsurgery and the community around this has seen enormous growth with over 55 million impressions from over 2,000 individual healthcare professionals from 55 countries. I recently had the privilege of interviewing Richard Brady...

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[VIDEO] Richard Brady on ‘The Success of the #colorectalsurgery Community’

In April 2016, Richard Brady – an NHS Colorectal Surgeon and Specialty Registrar working in the north of England began to collaborate with his peers online using the social media hashtag #colorectalsurgery. The community has seen enormous growth with over 55 million impressions from over 2000 individual healthcare professional users. We sat down with Richard in his operating theatre to ask him about #colorectalsurgery and get his views on the proliferation of healthcare professionals using social media...

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What HCPs say about access to high-priced Hepatitis C drugs

This article was written and researched by Jamie Doggett and Junell Harrington, Research Analysts at CREATION In 2013 and 2014 Gilead Sciences released two new drugs listed for the treatment of Hepatitis C (HCV): Harvoni (ledipasvir–sofosbuvir) and Sovaldi (sofosbuvir). This brought to the forefront the contention between expensive drugs that are highly effective and the lack of affordability for both individuals and healthcare providers such as Medicaid in the US and NHS England. This was further highlighted by Gilead’s latest HCV drug Epclusa (sofosbuvir-velpatasvir) released last month, which treats all strains of HCV. This combined with the rise of sensational...

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