Author: Katie Barden

4 reasons to use social media listening in your HCP market research

In the digital age, traditional market research is still an important tool in gaining insights into your healthcare professional (HCP) customer base. There is a lot you can get from focus groups, interviews and surveys. Having in-depth conversations with HCPs and getting them to answer your burning questions will always be important. However, it is important to remember that nowadays we are also able to learn from the conversations HCPs are having online and these conversations provide insights which can really enhance your market research. Here are 4 reasons why you should be using HCP social media market research:...

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Top 12 HCP market research questions we answer

At CREATION a number of our clients come from market research and customer insights roles who want to hear and understand what healthcare professionals (HCPs) are talking about online. Our customers understand that thousands of HCPs are online right now talking about their therapy area. Listening to their organic conversation provides fresh insights that may not come from traditional market research. Here are some of the most popular questions that we are asked to answer in our HCP market research reports. What issues are HCPs facing in my therapy area? What are the most talked about topics? What questions...

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An example of an HCP digital opinion leader

When profiling healthcare professional digital opinion leaders (those who are leading online conversations in a certain therapy area) I am often asked by clients what level of information we can find out about them. Our clients want to understand what useful knowledge we are able to share with them around their healthcare professional (HCP) digital opinion leaders so they can understand their needs in order to support them better. Today I wanted to share an example of an HCP digital opinion leader (DOL) with you so you can see how useful the insights are in helping you understand, learn...

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Top 10 questions we are asked the most

One part of our work at CREATION is helping our clients understand which healthcare professionals are digital opinion leaders in their particular therapy area. Before we start a project we sit down with our client and find out what questions they would want us to answer around digital opinion leaders. Here are the top 10 questions we are most often asked by you… Who are the digital opinion leaders for my therapy area? For each of them what is the preferred social media channels they like to engage on? What topics are of interest to them? What is influencing...

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Are your HCP digital opinion leaders in non-traditional roles?

Healthcare professional digital opinion leaders (DOLs) are healthcare professionals (HCPs) who lead online conversation among other their peers. Identifying which HCPs are DOLs, understanding what they are discussing, knowing what is important to them and seeing which channels they are engaging their peers on is useful market research for a pharmaceutical company who wants to better understand these HCPs. When researching which HCPs are leading online conversation our clients can be surprised by the range of roles identified as Digital Opinion Leaders. Where Key Opinion Leaders tend to be in more senior traditional roles, DOLs can be more junior...

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