Author: Susi ONeill

Social media as a healthcare research tool

Social media is increasingly being used as a test-bed for conducting research with users, bringing them into the product development process as active participants and monitoring trends in user or client behaviour. If you’re operating in a regulated healthcare environment, your social media participation might start as an information collation or broadcast tool rather than for direct engagement. There are numerous tools which can enable you to keep track of your competitors and measure user behaviour to inform your own marketing, engagement and product development strategies. 1.     Product and brand tracking tools As a marketer, keeping abreast of...

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Serious games: key trends for the healthcare sector

Playing games is an activity as old as mankind, but the games industry has never before played with the healthcare industry. Now the boom in ‘exergaming’ and ‘serious’ games has seen an unlikely alliance, as game technologists are out to prove to the healthcare sector that playing computer games can be seriously good for your health. Image: Heartlands, copyright Active Ingredient What are serious games? Serious games is a term used to describe applications developed using computer games technologies that have an outcome other than solely entertainment.  The serious games movement has grown rapidly in the last decade, in...

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