Our team is made up of expert analysts, healthcare research specialists, technological innovators and more.

Daniel Ghinn


Daniel Ghinn is Founder and CEO of CREATION. Having founded the company in 1998, Daniel has been at the helm throughout the company’s life.

His rich expertise in working with pharmaceutical businesses has enabled CREATION to build business solutions that fit our clients’ needs perfectly. His innovative ideation formed the genesis of CREATION Pinpoint, the product by which we are best known today.

Joanna Ghinn

Financial Director

Joanna co-founded CREATION alongside her husband Daniel in 1998.

As Finance Director she oversees the company’s systems and plays a vital leadership role that has enabled the business to grow and thrive for nearly two decades.

Eugen Hanusch

Chief Technology Visionary

Eugen has been bringing technological innovation for over 25 years, working in both large corporations and small businesses alike. His experience brings with it a wealth of technical knowledge and skill in execution.

As CREATION’s Chief Technology Visionary, Eugen is responsible for pushing our product forward, and for ensuring that we have the best possible technical solution for our clients’ needs.

Suzanna Gamwell

Client Advocate

As Client Advocate, Suzanna works with CREATION’s existing clients to better serve their needs and help them extract even more value from our tools and expertise.

She is the client’s ambassador within our team, pushing us to create the best experience and output for our customers.

Katie Barden

Head of Global Marketing

Katie is Head of Global Marketing at CREATION. She is responsible for all multi-channel marketing strategies, campaigns and implementation.

She has a background working within health organisations and continues to champion the work we do at CREATION amongst our current and future clients.

Luke Wilson

Design Thinker

After graduating from Brunel in 2010, Luke specialised in designing solutions with usability and communication of information in mind working with well-known brands and consumer businesses.

While working with a not-for-profit, faith-based training centre in South Africa, Luke joined CREATION’s team, returning to the UK as full-time Design Thinker in 2016 where he leads our visual communications work.

Adam Doggett

Research Analyst

While studying for his Neuroscience degree, Adam’s interest in healthcare grew through placements at King’s College Hospital where he gained experience in programming brain mapping software; and at St. Mary’s Hospital interacting with neurological disease patients.

After spending a further year in leadership training school in Maidstone, Adam joined CREATION as a Research Strategist. He plays a hands-on role in developing healthcare intelligence by studying the online conversations of doctors, using CREATION Pinpoint.

Jamie Doggett

Research Analyst

Prior to joining CREATION’s team, Jamie spent two years on the faculty of a Creative Arts Academy as Academic Coordinator and Lecturer. During this time he also completed his theology degree, graduating in 2016.

As Research Analyst, Jamie develops intelligence insights using CREATION Pinpoint, and applies his creative skills to telling a visual story with data on healthcare professionals’ online conversations.

Junell Harrington

Research Analyst

After graduating in law in 2013, Junell worked in the education sector before joining CREATION’s team of Research Analysts. Today she is actively involved in research into the views of healthcare professionals, using CREATION Pinpoint to develop market research and business intelligence insights.

Junell plays an active role as a volunteer with community organisations and has worked to support vulnerable people in the UK and overseas.

Paul Grant

Research Strategist

After playing a key role in the development of CREATION’s methodologies as Chief Innovation Officer in the UK for over ten years, Paul returned to his native Australia in late 2015. As Senior Healthcare Engagement Strategist, Paul leads innovative research projects for CREATION’s worldwide clients.

Global Network

Data Quality Analysts

As well as the core team you see here, we also have a network of data quality analysts spread across the globe.

This team ensures that the data in CREATION Pinpoint is constantly growing, both in size and accuracy.

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