CREATION + SERMO: HCP customer insights from public and private networks

To accelerate your strategy development, CREATION Pinpoint provides the world’s most comprehensive view of healthcare professional (HCP) views and needs through their online conversations in public and private networks.

Accelerate your strategy with the world’s only 360° view of HCP opinions

Discover precisely how physicians feel about your drug and its comparatives, with CREATION Pinpoint’s insights from more than a billion HCP posts on open and closed social media networks, and SERMO’s rich Drug Ratings data which includes over 3 million physician ratings and comments, with thousands more submitted every day.

Discover who and where your advocates are


Gain a clear picture of product advocacy by HCP role and location using Drug Ratings, so that you can strengthen your brand’s market position.

With CREATION Pinpoint’s HCP ‘Digital Opinion Leader’ profiling we will show you which physicians, nurses and pharmacists are influencing their peers on public social media so that you can develop relevant messaging and build HCP advocacy.

Respond to physician concerns

Thanks to SERMO Drug Ratings integrated with CREATION Pinpoint, you will know the precise views and needs broken down by physician specialty using your product and by location. If there are concerns about product access in particular region of the United States, CREATION’s Drug Ratings analysis will show you where. And with a full perspective from private and public HCP social media conversations, we will help you to understand what is driving physician concerns and what you can do about it.

CREATION+SERMO: unlike any other insights source

Don’t leave it to chance: build your strategy with the world’s only 360° view of HCP opinions. CREATION’s insights-led healthcare strategy will support you from discovering HCP views and needs through implementing actions to transform your healthcare strategy.

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