Global congress tracking & identifying Digital Opinion Leaders

The Challenge

Analysing and tracking congress conversations

A top-5 pharmaceutical company asked CREATION.co to track the global HCP conversation at three medical congress meetings where key data was being released in the area of breast cancer. The client hoped to track the HCP response to the data being released, understand how digital impacted the events, and identify influential HCP Digital Opinion Leaders to engage and partner with post-event.

The Solution

Real-time HCP tracking insights

Using CREATION Pinpoint, our online HCP insights service, we studied 15,825 HCP posts from 3,834 HCPs globally, highlighting that HCPs were not discussing RWE online. We showed how certain products and trials were discussed more and broke the conversation down by role and market, giving recommendations to leverage the insights discovered.

The Outcome

Thanks to CREATION.co’s analysis, influential DOLs were identified strategic recommendations were made to the client

We identified the 10 Digital Opinion Leaders in this space based on the clients’ needs.

• We developed an engagement strategy for these DOLs as a group and individually, including an advisory board.

• We developed a timeline for these plans and how to support their KOL counterparts to develop their digital presence.