Informing a cohesive global social media strategy


Following a successful project carried out for the US market, the client wanted to replicate the scope to other key markets, Australia and Brazil. The team wanted to build a cohesive, global and local social media strategy.

The client wanted to strengthen their brand presence, relevancy and appeal by gaining and leveraging insights into the online/digital behaviours of their key healthcare stakeholder audiences.


  • CREATION ran an UNDERSTAND workshop to explore the client’s business questions relating to the online healthcare stakeholder insights relating to medical devices in Australia and Brazil
  • We analysed the conversation spanning a 12 month period from clinical and non-clinical stakeholders.
  • Through and EXPLORE workshop to review the key insights, strategies for their social media channels and an action plan to engage their healthcare stakeholder audiences were developed

Key findings and outcomes from analysing 2.8M posts from 4K stakeholders

  • The client was made aware of their low share of voice online, and competitors tactics and social media strategies.
  • In Australia, the areas of need, knowledge gaps, training needs and preferences around online educational content and resources were outlined for client’s key stakeholder.
  • Although some had a strong presence online, there were opportunities identified to grow and increase stakeholders’ voice online across key platforms in Brazil.
  • The unique insights into their audiences social media behaviour and preferences enabled the creation of the client’s first informed social media strategy in Australia and Brazil.