Launching a first-in-class therapy in Europe

The Challenge

Launching  of a first-in-class drug in a competitive market

We supported one client with the launch of first-in-class drug into competitive class in major disease area in Europe. Since the drug class was new, and there were other competitors emerging, our client wanted to know what the major concerns of prescribers were and what information they needed to decide to prescribe the product.

The Solution

Real-time HCP tracking insights

As the product launched in several European markets, we tracked HCP information needs and channels preferences and identified:

  • HCPs had specific concerns about safety, with some questioning the added value of the product.
  • HCPs discussed their experiences with the product and talked about concerns regarding availability.
  • HCPs were engaging with emerging competitor assets during the medical congress.

The Outcome

Thanks to CREATION.co’s analysis, issues were identified and tactical and strategic recommendations were made to the client

Using our insights, the client was able to:

  • Improve customer engagement by
    • signposting relevant information to HCPs.
    • developing discussion around identified key topics.
  • Maximise engagement opportunities around approvals and studies.
  • Enhance digital strategy targeted at HCPs.

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