Real-time tracking to understand & react to side effect discussion

The Challenge

Social media monitoring of HCP conversations about a new product being launched into a new therapy area

A top 5 pharmaceutical company launched an innovative product into a new therapy area and wanted to utilise rapid social media monitoring to understand how much of the HCP and public conversation related to side effects. They wanted to support prompt safety signal detection and evaluation.

The Solution

Using CREATION Pinpoint, drug safety and scientific conversations were monitored

Using CREATION Pinpoint, we monitored and assessed the global product and treatment discussion and sentiment online. We identified and classified potential drug safety events using bespoke algorithms reporting daily and weekly on aggregate activity levels. We provided a detailed deep dive where relevant for further analysis and supported the client with strategic consulting throughout.

The Outcome

Thanks to CREATION.co’s analysis,the client received real-time tracking alerts around the conversation online

The client was able to constantly have a finger on the pulse of the drug safety conversation online and respond with agility to emerging
issues and risks. Real-world evidence was collected to inform further developments, communications, and support for the healthcare community at large.