Segmentation with enhanced digital personas

The Challenge

Identifying HCP digital behaviours 

A top 10 pharmaceutical client launching a new campaign in multiple markets wanted to use social media to complement HCP personas of a key customer segment that had been recently developed. They wished to get a deeper understanding of HCP views on the disease, as well as identify digital behaviours and who or what influenced each persona online.

The Solution

Using CREATION Pinpoint, Scientific Conversations were analysed to identify key customer personas

Using CREATION Pinpoint, we studied HCP posts, including from key HCP roles, in Australia, South Korea, and Spain to identify the social media profiles of their key customer segment. Analysing their conversations in each local language we developed enhanced digital persona attributes such as digital content preferences and needs, preferred social media channels, attitudes expressed online, influencers and information sources, peer network insights, and the time and place of digital engagement.

The Outcome

Thanks to CREATION.co’s analysis, Digital Customer Persona strategies were recommended to the client

For each market-specific persona we provided:

  •  “A digital day in the life”.
  •  Strategic recommendations for digital engagement.
  • Two to three examples of HCPs matching the persona selected by the