Supporting launch and protecting market share

The Challenge

Launching of first-in-class products in a competitive market

A top 5 pharma client sought to maximise its market share across its assets in Lung Cancer. Two new product launches were imminent which required an understanding of HCP views and perceptions. The client also has an established product in the market and which to defend its market share.

The Solution

Real-time HCP tracking insights and market access

Using CREATION Pinpoint we studied 10,867 posts from verified Healthcare Professionals operating within France, Germany, Spain, and the UK over a year period. We outlined the significant local differences in how HCPs discussed the key topics of interest while also highlighting a number of trends at a regional level. Key HCPs were identified as driving the online conversations at both a local and regional level, making up 20% of the study volume of posts.

The Outcome

Thanks to CREATION.co’s analysis, we supported the client with strategic engagement recommendations

Supported by our insights, we worked with the client to prepare for engagement opportunities during launch and beyond to:

  • Support HCPs in their need for clarity on guidelines and testing.
  • Activate the Digital Opinion Leaders who influence locally and regionally about brand and relevant non-brand topics.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with organisations that influence the HCP conversation.