Understanding HCP views and needs in the new normal customer engagement environment

The Challenge

Understanding the ‘new normal’ for customer engagement in emerging markets.

A pharmaceutical client was looking to understand HCP sentiment, expectations, and adoption regarding new engagement models with pharma in COVID-19 era and new digital health tools for their practice (consultation, diagnostics, EHR, patient follow up); understand the ‘new normal’ for customer engagement in emerging markets.

The Solution

Using CREATION Pinpoint, unique insights were developed regarding digital customer engagement

Using CREATION Pinpoint, our online HCP insights service, we studied HCP posts in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, India, and Brazil. We developed unique HCP insights regarding HCP views on Patient Engagement Tools, New Precision and Efficiency tools, and Perception on digital Pharma engagement in hospital medicine, oncology, vaccines, and internal medicine digital space.

The Outcome

Thanks to CREATION.co’s analysis, tactical and strategic recommendations were made to the client

Recommendations were provided to inform:

  • Trusted digital communications by HCPs and their preferred channels.
  • Preferred educational and informational content form.
  • Use of a particular hashtag in India to share valuable resources.
  • Guidance needed for HCPs around various telecommunication methods and opportunities to develop best practice materials alongside HCP digital influencers.
  • Virtual congress tactics.