Weekly reporting to identify and assess misinformation

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The Challenge

Addressing misinformation to ensure launch excellence

During the launch of their product a top 10 pharmaceutical company was looking to identify, monitor, and address misinformation and fake news in order to ensure a smooth launch and support their customers well.

The Solution

Real-time HCP tracking insights

Using CREATION Pinpoint, we monitored the online HCP and public conversation globally providing real-time alerts and weekly reports identifying and fact-checking the top stories in the therapy area-related online conversations. We assessed and reported on the risks posed by certain fake stories or misinformation and identified where the misinformation was being spread, pinpointing the information gaps that could be addressed.

The Outcome

Thanks to CREATION.co’s analysis, the client received real-time alerts that kept them informed about the ongoing conversation

The client was able to stay instantly informed around any misinformation or fake news relating to the treatment, understanding when it was necessary to step in.

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