COVID-19 HCP Tracking.
Informing pharma response during COVID-19 with insights from online healthcare professionals.
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“If we’re not able to talk to [HCPs], then we need to be able to listen to them when they are talking with each other…”

Digital Content Manager, healthcare company

More than 2M healthcare social media profiles globally

We are supporting many new and existing clients during COVID-19 by analysing the conversations of more than 2M healthcare professional social media profiles globally.

With restricted access to pharmaceutical reps and medical congress meetings running virtually, HCPs are taking to social media, adding momentum to a change we highlighted in 2019.

How could support you?

Questions you might be asking

  • What help do HCPs on the front lines of COVID-19 need right now in relation to our products?
  • How is use of our products changing during COVID-19?
  • What channels should I use to engage and support HCPs during the pandemic?
  • How do HCPs think use of our products will change after the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How are HCPs’ digital behaviours changing during COVID-19 pandemic, and how will this affect their long term channel preferences?

Next steps you might take

  • Monitor and learn from HCP digital behaviours.
  • Discover their new information needs and concerns.
  • Understand their views and interests online.
  • Identify their opinions on new and developing products.
  • Learn the language and messaging they are using.
  • Recognise strategic digital partnerships.
  • Identify Digital Opinion Leaders.
  • Establish plans that will support those on the frontline and the patients they are treating.

How is already supporting others?

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At we have been tracking the online HCP conversation relating to coronavirus since the start of the outbreak and are committed to supporting healthcare stakeholders globally.

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HCP Insights Studies

Draw out actionable insights from looking historically at the conversations of
HCPs online.

HCP DOL Profiling

Identify and understand the most relevant HCP ‘Digital Opinion Leaders’ (DOLs) based on what matters to you.

HCP Tracking and Alerts

Identifying emerging trends in the market before they become a significant issue.

HCP Insights Workshops

Inspire cross-functional teams, scope HCP research studies and envision future actions and outcomes.