The comprehensive report provides key learnings on each of the top 50 Digital Opinion Leaders in type 2 Diabetes

  • Assessment of their reach and influence within the eHCP community.
  • Summary of network dynamics.
  • Their digital behaviours.
  • Drivers and topics of interest.
  • Evaluation of traditional (offline) influence (KOL status).
  • Their current relationships with or attitudes towards the pharmaceutical industry and companies.
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This global report also includes

  • A detailed summary of the online HCP conversation landscape in type 2 diabetes which includes:
    • Attitudes to emerging products and established brands
    • Drivers of eHCP type 2 diabetes conversation
    • Drivers of likelihood to prescribe
    • Summary of  ‘uber issues’ that impact the market
  • Insights from multiple online sources/channels to give a comprehensive view of the market
  • Examples of pharma-led DOL initiatives and engagements in type 2 diabetes
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The Digital Opinion Leader Experts work with 24 Pharma clients, including 8 of the top 10, in 38 countries. delivers actionable insights in more than 56 indications / therapy areas, supporting launch medical or commercial objectives for 101 products.

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Richest ever DOL profiles

Each identified DOL is featured in a rich profile, to include:

  • Name and professional role; location.
  • Classification of topics of interest and advocacy.
  • HCP conversation networks (which HCPs are they talking with about type 2 diabetes?)
  • HCP following networks (which HCPs are following them?)
  • Digital behaviours.
  • Posting behaviour profile (why do they post?)
  • Reach and engagement of their posts.
  • Influential offline activities.
  • Unmet needs in type 2 diabetes.
  • Wider interests outside of type 2 diabetes.
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Which teams can use this report?

  • Pharmaceutical organisations.
  • Medical and science communication teams – for DOL engagement planning for launch, new indications, in-line customer engagement and support; customer communication strategy, and HCP educational content shaping.
  • Congress excellence teams.
  • Brand or commercial teams – when planning for launch, new indications, in-line customer engagement.

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