10 ways to improve hcp customer engagement with creation insights

10 ways to improve hcp customer engagement with creation insights

CREATION.co has been delivering HCP insights and strategic consulting for two decades, here are a few examples of how clients teams have benefitted from partnering with us.

  1. Use your customers’ language

When marketers in one brand team saw how pharmacists talked about its products, they discovered that whilst the messaging they planned was on track, the particular language they were using was likely to alienate its customers. Instead, they used words that they now knew would resonate well to engage healthcare professionals effectively.

  1. Meet customers’ expressed needs:

One pharmaceutical brand discovered that a particular group of healthcare professionals was anxious about how to administer their product, so the brand team immediately responded by providing relevant training and resources. This supported better product uptake at a critical time for the brand.

  1. Develop digital customer advocates

To prepare the way for future digital collaboration, a pharmaceutical company identified thirty emerging Key Opinion Leaders and taught them how to use social media in their specialist area, using real examples to support the specialists’ professional development.

  1. Improve offline marketing

Traditional, offline marketing activities can be improved by hearing doctors share their hopes, concerns, or questions about their work in a particular therapy area. One pharmaceutical company, for example, is tracking the online response of healthcare professionals to stories in traditional press, in order to gain an instant view of not only the reach of the story but its customers’ reactions as they happen.

  1. Provide timely patient support

Listening to the first-hand experiences of healthcare professionals can provide an early-warning system for concerns or needs among patients. For example, during the launch of a new drug, one pharmaceutical company found that doctors raised specific concerns about the product several months before the same issues were heard from patients. Based on this pattern, they were able to prepare for patients’ future needs ahead of time.

  1. Target digital content

By listening to conversations among healthcare professionals, one pharmaceutical company discovered that doctors were not finding the answers to their questions about the company’s launch product online. This insight led them to refine their digital strategy to target key customer groups more effectively.

  1. Integrate social and CRM data

Knowing which healthcare professionals are “Digital Opinion Leaders” – those shaping opinions among their peers – can help when developing key customer relationships. One pharmaceutical company, for example, is integrating insights from its customers’ digital activities into its CRM data, improving its understanding of key customers and identifying new potential advocates.

  1. Prepare informed policy response

By listening to healthcare professionals on social media, one pharmaceutical company was able to measure the immediate response to draft policy guidance that would affect the success of its product. The rapid availability of insights put the company in a strong position to respond based on healthcare professionals’ expressed needs.

  1. Differentiate from competitors

A new pharmaceutical brand entering a competitive drug class tracked conversations among healthcare professionals about its comparative products in several major global markets. It was then able to develop timely messaging to differentiate its own product as it launched.

  1.  Leverage congress meetings

Learning from HCP conversations before, during, and after meetings is helping pharmaceutical brands to do more with their congress investment. For example, one pharmaceutical company is using insights from healthcare professionals on social media to plan its congress activity and schedule relevant meetings addressing the specific needs of individual specialists.

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