10 Ways to maximise your Congress Investment by utilising eHCP insights

06.03.2023 | Insight

10 Ways to maximise your Congress Investment by utilising eHCP insights

With congress being such a huge investment for pharmaceutical companies we see a real need from teams to ensure maximum impact from their expenditure. Being able to tap into insights from online Healthcare Professionals (eHCPs) is a great way to achieve this. HCP digital intelligence provides access to organic conversations, from a large sample size of HCPs, without response bias.

Following on from our recent webinar ‘How to make the most of your medical congress investment”, here are 10 ways to maximise congress investment by utilising eHCP insights.


1. Identify Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) to partner and collaborate with.
DOLs are Healthcare Professionals who lead online discussions about topics that align with your goals and are seen as a trusted resource in your HCP community. So not just online KOLs. Collaboration with DOLs is not just limited to the congress floor and can even be with HCPs who are not attending the event in person.

2. Discover what HCPs want to know.
By really understanding the topics being discussed by HCPs online you can ensure that you are producing relevant congress messaging on topics they care about.

3. Learn what media types eHCPs prefer.
Understand what the current preferences and engagement behaviours are for your HCPs and prepare assets that reach customers.

If you are starting to plan your congress activity now and would like help using digital insights to show you how to improve your planned activity – or even to inform what that activity should look like – then please get in touch with us for an introductory chat.

During the congress

4. See how HCPs react to your data.
By keeping an eye on how conversations are progressing around your latest data release you can be prepared for face-to-face conversations on your stand.

5. Know what live issues are emerging.
It is important to pick up on issues coming through to prepare discussion points for future communications.

6. Discover how eHCPs react to data on comparators.
Understanding what eHCPs are saying about data being released from competitors can inform conversations you are having around your own data both face-to-face at the congress and after.

7. Identify who in the room has questions.
Understanding what questions are coming up and from whom, means you can address them at the stand or even via social media if you have some pre-approved messages agreed with compliance.

CREATION.co can provide real-time tracking to see the actual conversations that are happening between HCPs during their time at congress. In 2022, we worked with US media company Healio to report on what HCPs really thought about the ASCO 2022 congress. If you would like to talk about how this type of analysis and insight could help your congress experience, we would be happy to share our experiences.

Post congress

8. Learn how HCPs reacted to your data overall.
It is important to not just look at conversation at the congress but to aggregate data to include HCP discussion post-event. This can give you a good sense of the potential for your drug, if it is yet to launch.

9. Identify who is advocating your data.
Identify who is active, vocal and positive about your data online and what is driving their behaviour. This is a great opportunity to think about collaboration opportunities and how to best engage them.

10. See what questions are left unanswered.
Learn where the gaps are that you are not addressing at the moment and use this information when planning messaging and future research. It’s also important to consider what information you want to get across to your HCPs and whether it is reaching them.

To hear Daniel Ghinn and Mary Fletcher-Louis talk through these points in more details watch our video below:

If you would like to talk to the team at CREATION.co about your congress strategy and where eHCP insights might support you we would love to set up a no obligation, exploratory call to see if we can help. Contact us now for an introductory meeting.


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