22.12.2021 | Insight

All HCPs want for Christmas is…

By Paul Cranston and Francesca Gan

As we enter the festive season, we decided to track the online conversation of healthcare professionals (HCPs) to find out what they want for Christmas this year. Whilst all Mariah Carey wanted for Christmas was you, HCPs had much loftier aspirations, with political change and public safety during the pandemic being at the top of their Christmas wish list.

Visual representation of the topics of things most wished for at Christmas by HCPs

As 25 December draws ever nearer, the number of HCPs posting about what they would like for Christmas has gradually increased. Politics and Covid-19 have remained underlying themes throughout, with the rest of HCP posts being an eclectic mix of sincere Christmas wishes.

Chart showing HCP mentions of things they want for Christmas in 2021

Some of the more serious wishes from HCPs included appeals for better funded healthcare services, the passing of key legislation, and some wishing for changes in political leadership.



Others chose to share their hopes that the new omicron variant of COVID-19 would not be as severe as expected. However, many were not optimistic that this wish would be fulfilled.

Whilst some of these wishes may leave St. Nicholas thinking that he really should have clarified his remit in terms of the gifts he could bring at Christmas, other HCPs asked Father Christmas for things that felt far more attainable.

Like a nap.


Or being taken off a car sales call list.

Or getting verified on twitter – best of luck Jesse!

However, perhaps the most fitting and festive ‘all I want for Christmas’ message could be found in the second most shared post among HCPs over the period analysed. 16 HCPs retweeted this simple post from @iam_chocc.

From all of us at CREATION.co, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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Meet the Authors

Paul Cranston

Paul analyses the online conversations of HCPs to provide insights for pharmaceutical companies about what HCPs think. With a background in international development, he is passionate about using data to reveal the unmet needs in healthcare communities.

In his free time, Paul can often be found either writing songs on his guitar or kicking a ball around on a football field.

Francesca Gan

Fran analyses the unprompted online conversations of healthcare professionals to produce actionable insights for clients. Her background in legal research provides a solid foundation in critical thinking and enables a well rounded approach to her data research.

Fran has a keen interest in netball and is a big follower of the New Zealand domestic netball league. She is also a lover of board games and card games, especially ones that involve shouting!

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