A big week for Creation Pinpoint

By Daniel Ghinn

It’s been a big week for Creation Pinpoint with the launch of our movie on healthcare professionals in social media, which has sparked some great discussions among healthcare professionals and organizations. One of the other highlights of the week has been running a series of training sessions for seven new members of our HCP Data Team, who carry out essential human-validation of healthcare professional social media profiles in the Creation Pinpoint Big Data Engine.

Data Team training starts with sharing Creation Healthcare’s mission to make a huge difference through healthcare. It’s what inspires our whole team day to day, and it is essential for our colleagues carrying out detailed analysis work to carry that vision, to put their work in context.


Rebecca, Francois, Aurora, and Luke, some of our new Data Team recruits in training this week

Multinational Team

The Data Team (or “Tag Team” as we informally call them, since an important part of their work is to manually ‘tag’ individual HCP profiles after reviewing them) is multinational, multi-lingual, and comes from a diverse range of backgrounds including communications and healthcare. This week’s new team members are natives of Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, South Africa and the UK. As a team they work collaboratively, comparing notes and learning from experienced colleagues.

It’s all part of a big on-going investment in Creation Pinpoint, which includes some exciting technology developments led by our Chief Innovation Officer Paul Grant and implemented by our Chief Technologist Eugen Hanusch, who next week will be deploying new technology updates from his home town in Germany. We have also invested in new graphical outputs that help us to communicate insights even more effectively than ever before. Watch this space for more about those updates…

Great news for healthcare

Meanwhile, the big data in Creation Pinpoint is growing at a faster rate than ever. As our recent movie explains, Creation Pinpoint has at its heart an intelligent algorithm and the more it knows about healthcare professionals, the more accurately and rapidly it can identify new ones. This means that by Easter 2014 – just two weeks’ time – we are on track to have over 125,000 double-verified HCP social media profiles on blogs, forums, Twitter and other social media channels, within our Big Data Engine that is rapidly approaching 400,000 HCP-related profiles. That’s a growth of over 25% in just one month!

All this is great news for healthcare. Creation Pinpoint allows us to learn from healthcare professionals’ public online conversations. It allows policymakers to understand the concerns of professionals on the ground; healthcare companies to understand their customers’ needs; and through our published mini-studies, it allows healthcare professionals and patients to discover what is important to professionals in all sorts of fields of healthcare.

Our investment into people and technology is in response to rapidly growing demand for Creation Pinpoint’s unique healthcare professional insights.

To find out how Creation Pinpoint can support your healthcare market research, get in touch.

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