Breast & bowel cancers most discussed by HCPs online in the UK

By Daniel Ghinn

Later this month I’m co-presenting a webinar on UK HCP conversations about oncology and cancer care. But we couldn’t wait until then to share some of the highlights of the 18,000+ HCP mentions we’re analysing, so we have just published our first findings.

We tracked a significant growth in volume of HCP conversations about cancer in the UK over the course of 2013, with topics ranging from cancer risk and the diagnosis of the disease, to treatment and care of patients. Breast cancer and bowel cancer were most widely discussed, reflecting the prevalence of these diseases – according to Cancer Research UK, breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in the UK and accounts for almost a third of all cancers in women.


Breast and bowel cancer were the most popular topics in our study of UK HCPs discussing oncology online during 2013.

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