Case study: How to identify the concerns of physicians, nurses & pharmacists by listening to their online voice

This is the second post in a three part series that will look at practical ways in which our clients are using Creation Pinpoint to make informed alterations to the way in which they are engaging with their customers.

A few months ago we undertook a project from a top 10 pharma company who had a product that had recently become recommended by policymakers for use in children.  They commenced a project with Creation Pinpoint to identify the specific concerns from each of the groups of HCPs involved in the roll-out of the drug including physicians, nurses and pharmacists. The outcome of the project enabled the pharma company to identify the key concerns belonging to each group and ultimately led to them changing the way they engaged with nurses, who we found to have particular concerns that were not currently being answered.

The client also went on to conduct a wider study looking into consumer behaviour and how the parents were reacting to the product. They used these insights to plan future communications aligned with consumer information needs.

In the final part of this series I will explain how to use Creation Pinpoint to identify key digital opinion leaders in your therapy area.

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