Case study: How to identify who the HCP online influencers are in your therapy area

This is the final case study in the 3 part series which has examined how pharma are using insights from online conversations between healthcare professionals to amend their current marketing and brand strategy campaigns.

We recently worked with a pharma company who had a product which was used to treat a rare disease. Their aim was to identify key HCP influencers online, in the US and Europe, who had a specific interest in this disease area.

Creation Pinpoint presented a 3 month study where our client was able to identify individuals across their market and their preferred topics and channels of engagement. Being able to identify these individuals meant they knew which HCPs were appropriate to spend time and resources engaging with. The study also provided insights into how HCPs responded to external news stories and congress events which the client then used to plan for future targeted communication.

I hope these case studies have helped highlight the importance of using social media listening to conduct specific market research projects and the benefits these insights can have to your future campaigns and ultimately the impact of your brand.

If you have a particular project you want to discuss or want to know more about Creation Pinpoints capabilities please contact me on katie.barden@creationhealthcare.com

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