Case study: How to use insights from healthcare professional conversation online when launching a new pharma product

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Over the last few months interest in Creation Pinpoint has soared and we now have some great clients using us to understand more about how healthcare professionals are discussing their brand and therapy area online.

I am regularly being asked for specific case studies into how the insights that Creation Pinpoint produces are being used in real life scenarios to change brand strategy or influence marketing campaigns. This post is from a series of 3 posts that will look at how Creation Pinpoint has produced actionable insights which have changed business decisions and altered brand strategy.

We recently worked on a project with a top 20 pharma company who had a new product in a new class of drugs entering European markets for patients living with a chronic disease. They wanted to see how aware HCPs were of the drug class as well as measure the effect external factors (including media activity) had on HCPs and patients. It was also important for them so see if HCPs had any particular unmet information needs so they could addresses these ASAP. As they were launching into multiple markets,identifying if HCPs from each region had different views was essential to enable tailored regional & local messaging. Additionally being able to identify the most influencial HCPs online in each market meant they knew which HCPs were best to engage with on & offline.

The study looked at 3 specific markets and studied HCP/patient conversations and behaviour around their particular therapy area. Creation Pinpoint provided monthly reports highlighting evidence-based insights and strategic recommendations.

For each European marketed we identified preferred channels, topics and information needs. Specific HCP concerns were brought to our attention and were addressed by the pharma company. They were also able to look at HCP response to competitor activity which informed their ongoing engagement strategy. Ultimately the position of the client product was strengthened in a complex market.

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