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CREATION UNDERSTAND Workshop: we set out to discover what healthcare professionals think about pancreatic cancer

By Laura McIntyre

CREATION UNDERSTAND Workshop: we set out to discover what healthcare professionals think about pancreatic cancer

For the last couple of weeks at CREATION we have been buzzing with excitement as we are starting a new open project in the United States, a healthcare professional insights study in Pancreatic Cancer. We are looking forward to adding value and supporting manufacturers, HCPs and patients in this heavily under-diagnosed deadly disease space, by discovering what healthcare professionals think.

The power of collective intelligence

So this Tuesday afternoon we got together as a team and ran a CREATION UNDERSTAND workshop – an ideation session designed to scope out the project vision and capture its very heart as well as producing a shared sense of ownership and encouraging collaboration among colleagues.

Led by Client Services, our cross-functional team of research analysts and health strategists, joined by our CEO Daniel Ghinn, put their heads together for a couple of hours to discuss the goals, expectations and challenges for this study.


To get our minds into a different and creative space we started with a quick energizer that helped us to relax and also learn some new things about each other.

The workshop was divided into four key sections: the therapy area environment; what this study aims to achieve; where we can innovate and how we are going to reach our goals.

Each section consisted of a number of great and challenging questions and the team worked in pairs capturing ideas on post-it notes, and then shared them with the rest of the colleagues for a quick discussion.

The ideas were then challenged and assessed for feasibility and impact and landed on our “idea map” to shape our future study.

The outcome

We left the room energised, envisioned and most importantly having a clear sense of the study scope, vision and ownership of the next steps. You can follow @CREATION on Twitter to see how the story in the data is developing and what insights are emerging.

What could a CREATION UNDERSTAND workshop look for you in your therapy area?

Get in touch at [email protected] and let’s talk!

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