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GRIM Challenge to support Ukraine mission

By Daniel Ghinn

In January, some members of CREATION.co’s team will be travelling to Ukraine for six months with Saturation Trust, a UK charity, to work with a community in Reni, close to the border with Romania.

In Reni, the team will be supporting Ark Orphanage, a safe haven for abandoned children offering love and care until a suitable home is found. They will serve at a Children’s Centre which provides care, education and three free meals each day to 70 needy and traumatised children from the local area. And they will work with a pregnancy crisis clinic, which offers counselling and support to women making tough choices about abortion.


As if that’s not enough, to raise funds for the mission the team will take part in GRIM Challenge on December 5th. Over an 8-mile run through the Army’s vehicle testing tracks, they will encounter trails, hills, mud, a lot of water, moguls, a sand dune, logs, railway tracks, cammo nets and a bog!

We’re excited to support Henri, Martin and Tanya as they take on GRIM Challenge and head to Ukraine. And we’d love it if you would support them too. You can sponsor the team on their Virgin Giving page. Leave a message mentioning ‘Creation Healthcare’ when you sponsor them and we will match fund* the pre-giftaid amount of every donation made up to December 5th. So with your help we can go twice as far to support this community in the Ukraine.


Senior Data Analyst Henri Konijn prepares for the GRIM Challenge
Ukraine mission fundraiser. Help us support him and the team,
mention Creation Healthcare and we’ll match fund your donation.

* Creation Healthcare will donate an amount equal to the total pre-giftaid amount of every donation made mentioning ‘Creation Healthcare’ by 23:59 on December 5th 2015 via the Virgin Giving page, up to a maximum total donation of £1,500.

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