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Growing our Team in 2016

By Daniel Ghinn

Growing our Team in 2016

Experience tells us that we deliver the best outcome for our clients when we blend our cutting-edge, proprietary technology with human expertise. So as we drive forward the technical systems that underpin Creation Pinpoint, we are also looking for new and better ways for the team at Creation Healthcare to work together, with our technology, and with our clients.

This focus on both people and technology is core to our identity. With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce our two latest team members – Will Moore and Suzanna Gamwell, who join us to push our brand, technology and client service forward in 2016.

Suzanna Gamwell, Client Advocate

Suzanna GamwellSuzanna has joined us as Client Advocate, a new role in which she will be the client’s ambassador within our team, pushing us to create the best experience and output for our customers. Having spent the past seven years working with the UK’s largest county council, Suzanna oversaw the logistics and planning of communication campaigns for multi-million-pound initiatives in the UK and Europe.Suzanna’s experience will be invaluable in her role as Client Advocate, working with Creation Healthcare’s existing clients to better serve their needs and help them extract even more value from our tools and expertise. If you are reading this as a client of Creation Healthcare, then you will likely get to know Suzanna in the coming months. However, if you would like to contact her directly, her email address is [email protected].

Will Moore, Chief Evangelist

Will MooreWill is Creation Healthcare’s Chief Evangelist – a role that will see him expand the potential of our product offering through technological innovation, as well as through evangelism (hence the title!) for the company at industry events, online and face-to-face. He is here to spread the ‘good news’ of the work we are doing in a transparent and impactful manner.Will has a history in working with innovative technology businesses to help position them for future growth. He was one of the founding employees at technology PR firm Clarity PR which has global offices and a strong reputation for innovation in marketing.Most recently Will was Head of Marketing at an early stage venture capitalist, where he spearheaded marketing and growth tactics for the company as well as their portfolio of startups.Through storytelling and creative content he will help to showcase the successes of our clients and projects, and tell Creation Healthcare’s story to the world.You will likely meet Will over the coming year at industry events as well as online, and if you would like to know more about how his role will help you, please do get in touch at [email protected].2016 will be a pivotal year for Creation Healthcare, and we are excited to push forward, growing in number as well as improving our core client offering over the coming weeks, months and years.Join us on this journey!Daniel Ghinn, CEO and Founder – Creation Healthcare.

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Meet the Author

Daniel Ghinn

Daniel has been at the helm throughout the company’s life since 1998. His rich expertise in working with pharmaceutical businesses has enabled CREATION to build business solutions that fit our clients’ needs.

Daniel is married to Jo, has three children, a cat, a dog, 28 fish, and 160,000 bees.