10 ways to activate HCP digital opinion leaders – part 2

By Katie Kennedy

2. Engage HCP digital opinion leaders online using channels they are familiar with

Once you have identified who your online healthcare professional digital opinion leaders (DOLs) are the next step is working out how to best engage with them. A key part of this is identifying which channels to engage them on.

There are many public social media environments where doctors are actively discussing topics that pharma companies could contribute to in a positive way, building relationships and trust.

Increase in HCP digital opinion leaders using public social media to collaborate

Increase in HCP digital opinion leaders using public social media to collaborate

A first step would be listening in and finding out where the conversation is taking place. An example may be discovering HCPs discussing your therapy area on a twitter chat like #meded. You can use this as an opportunity to see what the doctors are saying, what their concerns and opinions are and consider where you can help them by adding value.

The next step is to start engaging in the conversation. As long as you remain transparent and collaborative this is a great chance to start building trusted relationships with your HCP Digital Opinion Leaders.

Twitter is just one channel that is being used by doctors. We are seeing an increasing number of healthcare professionals also active on LinkedIn (with over 1.5 million HCPs registered), Facebook and Google+. Also consider the role of doctors’ blogs as channels where you can learn about the views of HCPs or actively engage by adding your own comments.

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