19.05.2020 | Health Strategy

HCP social media research to support you during COVID-19

By Luke Wilson

HCP social media research to support you during COVID-19

 “If we’re not able to talk to [HCPs], then we need to be able to listen to them when they are talking with each other…”

Digital Content Manager, Healthcare company

CREATION.co has been supporting many new and existing clients during COVID-19 by analysing the conversations of more than 2M healthcare professional (HCP) social media profiles globally.

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically shifted how we are working and communicating with each other, and this is very much the case for many in the healthcare industry. Pharmaceutical reps aren’t able to meet face-to-face with doctors, and while they are increasing their use of online video calling to stay connected, HCPs are using social media to learn and share about new innovations. Many medical congress meetings have been cancelled but as some run virtually for the very first time, pharmaceutical companies are changing their congress strategies.

One area which has grown during this time is social media market research. As leaders and pioneers in this area, we have seen that the level of conversations from HCPs online have increased since the start of the pandemic.

HCP Social Media Research Support

We are supporting different needs across the globe answering questions including:

  • What help do HCPs on the front lines of COVID-19 need right now in relation to our products?
  • How is the use of our products changing during COVID-19?
  • What channels should I use to engage and support HCPs during the pandemic?
  • How do HCPs think the use of our products will change after the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How are HCPs’ digital behaviours changing during COVID-19 pandemic, and how will this affect their long term channel preferences?
  • Which HCPs are influencing their peers in my area and how?

If you want to find out more about how we are supporting our clients through COVID-19, click here for our COVID-19 HCP Tracking insights.

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Meet the Author

Luke Wilson

Luke brings a design thinking perspective to our Marketing & Communications, working to keep CREATION’s brand presence and message front of mind to all key stakeholders.

When he isn’t learning about fatherhood, Luke enjoys watching and playing football, being an over enthusiastic fan of Liverpool FC.

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