HCPs collaborate to solve COVID-19 questions

By Adam Doggett

HCPs collaborate to solve COVID-19 questions

COVID-19 continues to have a significant impact throughout the health industry and has become a notable consideration in the care and treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. In an uncertain climate, healthcare professionals (HCPs) are joining together online to ask questions and share knowledge with peers.

Under the banner Nephrology Jrnl Club and using the hashtag #NephJC, nephrologists are stimulating conversation and sharing experiences from all over the world.



HCPs are taking the opportunity to solve unanswered questions.

At designated times, they gather virtually to discuss specific nephrology issues during #nephjc ‘Twitter chats’. With the current focus on COVID-19, #nephjc Twitter chats have provided timely information to nephrologists around the world.

While focusing on a particular country or continent, #nephjc chats promote global collaboration, with HCPs in the US interacting with peers in Europe, India and Australia during a US-based Twitter chat.

Nephrologists are not the only HCP specialism discussing how COVID-19 affects the way they care for their patients. Surgical (#covid19surgery), midwifery (#covidmaternity) and rheumatology (#covid4rheum) staff are among those who are using COVID-specific hashtags to share their learnings with colleagues around the world.

CREATION.co has been tracking the online HCP conversation relating to coronavirus since the start of the outbreak and is committed to supporting healthcare stakeholders globally. For more discussion about this research, and advice for health communicators in pharmaceutical companies during COVID-19 pandemic, see our webinar: Coronavirus Digital Communication Strategies for pharma.

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