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HCPs discuss novel treatments as they meet back in person at ASCO GU 2022

By Mark Sullivan

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) use social media to comment on the results of clinical trials and data live during medical congresses. By tracking these discussions we can discover their opinions, needs, and concerns about specific products and therapy areas. One of the most recent of these congresses was the 2022 ASCO Genitourinary Cancers Symposium which took place between 17 February and 19 February 2022.

This multidisciplinary scientific and educational meeting, aimed to address the needs of those who diagnose, treat, and study genitourinary malignancies. All members of the cancer care and research community, including medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, physicians, nurses and others, were encouraged to attend the Symposium’s exploration of the latest science in the field and its clinical application.

Discussions pre-congress

Whilst the congress ran between 17 February and 19 February, the conversation surrounding the congress started much earlier than this, with HCPs referencing the symposium at the start of the year. HCPs took to social media to share which abstracts they were looking forward to, as well as discussing what the potential outcomes of trials could be.

The most shared (ASCO GU related) piece of content by HCPs was the ‘Program guide’ released by ASCO at the beginning of January. 27 HCPs shared this resource, looking forward to what could be learned from each session at the congress and showing that the ‘start date’ for a congress is more arbitrary for many HCPs who begin discussions around a congress well ahead of the first session. Alongside this, HCPs also congratulated the 30 recipients of the 2022 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium Merit Awards. These distinguished awards recognised oncology fellows and trainees who were first authors on top-ranking abstracts selected for presentation at the ASCO Genitourinary Cancers Symposium.

Most common genitourinary cancers generated the most discussion


Throughout the congress, different therapy areas took centre stage. The three most common genitourinary cancers: bladder cancer, kidney cancer and prostate cancer were the most mentioned cancer types by HCPs during ASCO GU 2022. HCPs discussed these cancers online following presentations from their peers, conversation spiked when the sessions involved evaluation of novel treatments and clinical trial results.

Within the online bladder cancer conversation during ASCO GU 2022, the most discussed topic was the “multi-institutional matched comparison of RC vs. TMT in patients with MIBC”. HCPs reacted extremely well to the abstract presentation in the ‘Potpourri of Hot Topics in Urothelial Carcinoma’ general session discussing the potential of trimodal therapy for invasive bladder cancer, with over 20 HCPs sharing a post praising the evidence of the potential treatment. Could this be a space to watch for the future of bladder cancer treatment?

Products for multiple GU cancers were often mentioned at ASCO GU 2022


Throughout ASCO GU 2022, different cancer products were mentioned by HCPs, these were often in posts referencing an abstract of a clinical study that had been presented at the congress, or HCPs encouraging their peers to assess posters of clinical trials they had been involved in. 

Two of the three most mentioned products were ‘nivolumab’ and ‘pembrolizumab’, both of which can be used to treat multiple genitourinary cancers (bladder and kidney). Whilst bladder cancer was the most HCP discussed ‘major’ genitourinary cancer, its most mentioned specific use product ‘cisplatin’ had less mentions than the top mentioned products for both kidney and prostate cancer. Moreover, much of the discussion surrounding cisplatin focused on the ineligibility of patients in trials and in the real world as well as potential alternative treatments. Given the focus on ineligibility of patients and alternative treatments in this conversation, it suggests that HCPs are still waiting for the next major revelation in bladder cancer.

HCPs shared product updates

Identifying the HCPs who are Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) during congress can give an insight into how HCPs are actively influencing the conversation within a therapy area. During ASCO GU 2022 three HCPs each posted about the event over 100 times. Brazilian oncologists Cristiane Bergerot and Paulo Bergerot – who are actually married – shared ASCO GU 2022 related posts 150 and 127 times respectively during the congress. Additionally, hospital resident, Nazli Dizman posted 131 ASCO GU posts across the 3 days. The three HCPs focused their posts around the treatment of genitourinary cancers – particularly kidney cancer – as well as new trial data.


The post which received the most amount of shares from fellow HCPs throughout the whole study period (01 January 2022 – 22 February 2022), was that of oncologist, Brian Rini who posted about immuno-oncology doublet therapy options, following the congress, which 40 HCPs shared. 

HCPs were thrilled to be back in person at ASCO GU 2022

HCPs also referenced the joys of being back together with their colleagues and friends in person after a couple of years of remote ASCO GU congresses. 43 HCP posts mentioned being back “in person” at ASCO GU 2022, all of which were positive. They expressed their excitement  ahead of the congress and afterwards shared how pleased they were to have attended – not behind their computer screen. As with many congresses, HCPs took the opportunity to network with one another and share their joy at being reunited with their peers – old and new.

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  • CREATION Pinpoint®  was used to identify and analyse the HCPs involved in the online conversation in relation to the 2022 ASCO GU. 
  • A total of 2,293 posts from 488 HCPs between 01 January – 22 February 2022 were analysed.

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