Healthcare professionals discussing health reform, by location

By Paul Grant

During August I was pleased to guest-blog a three-part series of articles on health reform ahead of the 2014 Fall Health 2.0 conference. In that series we looked at the link between health and politics, opposing drivers, and health insurance issues all relating to health reform.

Now, we will examine the ways in which location can reflect differing opinions among healthcare professionals.

Health reform on a map

In the interactive map below we have a color range which shows the number of impressions of a piece of text content in Twitter, ranging from 580 people (in a light shade of yellow) through to a massive 1 471 975 people (in a dark shade of blue).

  • Try clicking on a dot, to reveal the message shared and the role type of a healthcare professional (where known).
  • You can zoom into a location using your mouse-wheel or alternately use the + and – buttons at the top left of the Figure.

Now try exploring the data in the United Kingdom based on healthcare professionals discussing health reform. Notice in some cases they reference the United States ‘Obamacare’ initiative. Using the same methodology as above, the color scale for impressions this time is ranging from 467 people (in a light shade of yellow) through to 573 442 people (in a dark shade of blue).

If you have a keen interest in HCP views on health reform, you can stay tuned for a series of articles on health reform from my colleagues at Creation Healthcare.

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