What healthcare professionals really think about health reform in the US and UK – revealed by Health2.0 and Creation Pinpoint

By Daniel Ghinn

Earlier this year I was with Matthew Holt, the founder and orchestrator of Health2.0 Conference, at the conference’s HQ in San Francisco. We talked about Creation Healthcare’s work using Creation Pinpoint to analyse conversations among healthcare professionals (HCPs) in public social media using Creation Pinpoint, and the range of possible applications of our research in this space. Among the ideas we exchanged was an idea to compare the views of HCP on health reform taking place in the United Stated and the United Kingdom.

The fruit of that conversation is now a major study by Creation Healthcare in partnership with Health2.0, which will be presented by Paul Grant, our Chief Innovation Officer at this year’s Health2.0 Fall Conference in Santa Clara, 21-24 September 2014.

You don’t need to wait for the conference to get a first glimpse at some of our findings, as Paul has been writing about our research so far on Health2.0’s blog. Among the insights shared so far, here are my highlights:

Read the story so far in this series of posts on Health2.0 blog:

  • Key Stakeholders and Health Reform – The Healthcare Professionals’ View
  • Opposing Drivers In Health Reform – The Healthcare Professionals’ View
  • Key Issues In Health Insurance – The Healthcare Professionals View

To see the full study, make sure you register for Health2.0.

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