A sneak preview of insights in Healthcare Engagement Strategy 2010

By Daniel Ghinn

We’ve designed the Healthcare Engagement Strategy Awards 2010 to leave a lasting legacy of knowledge for the healthcare engagement community. Our vision is that by identifying and celebrating the world’s very best healthcare engagement – those strategies, organizations and people who are really making a difference through healthcare engagement – others will learn from their experiences. And the knowledge that is shared in the process will inspire others to achieve even better healthcare engagement throughout 2010.

We’re now in the final stages of judging, and are in the process of carrying out interviews with the final shortlist selected by our international panel of judges. It’s such a privilege to be speaking with people who have pioneered in their field, and to hear about the lessons they have learned along the way.

We’re talking to leading practitioners in all sorts of organizations like pharmaceutical companies, patient groups, and hospitals. And we’re talking to them about the way they are using engagement platforms including social media, video, gaming, and mobile apps, as well as traditional media.

I thought I’d share just ten of the kinds of insights we’re hearing from some of the Awards finalists – real-world lessons, learned through successes as well as mistakes:

  1. What does it take to effectively manage an online health community?
  2. When and how should you respond to comments posted online?
  3. Should you let an online community self-regulate content? If so, how?
  4. What kind of content do health consumers want to engage with?
  5. How do you measure success in digital engagement?
  6. How to balance commercial messages in a credible, genuine healthcare engagement.
  7. What’s the best way to handle regulatory issues in healthcare engagement?
  8. Is there value in patient peer support, and how can you make this happen?
  9. How to achieve maximum reach by gaining traditional media coverage from digital campaigns.
  10. How to learn about patient and consumer needs through engagement.

This is just a brief taste – we’re discussing the strategies of some of the biggest names in healthcare around the world. And you can too – just join us at one of our events in the USA or Europe.

You can be amongst the very first to learn from all the insights revealed by the Award winners. We’re running two very special events in the United States, and one in London, where we will present a detailed analysis of insights from the winners. We’ll be finding trends amongst all the experts we have spoken with, and revealing how you can apply these into your role in healthcare engagement.

Find out more about our Healthcare Engagement Strategy 2010 Events and reserve your place now. The first event is in San Francisco on 26th January, then New York on 12th February, so you’ll need to be quick!

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Daniel Ghinn

Daniel has been at the helm throughout the company’s life since 1998. His rich expertise in working with pharmaceutical businesses has enabled CREATION to build business solutions that fit our clients’ needs.

Daniel is married to Jo, has three children, a cat, a dog, 28 fish, and 160,000 bees.