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How CREATION has prepared for the big data opportunities of 2019 and beyond

By Luke Wilson

How CREATION has prepared for the big data opportunities of 2019 and beyond

The environment is changing

If you know CREATION, you’ll know we believe that data, and in particular ‘big data’, holds the key to transforming healthcare strategy. The challenge is not only the myriad of online data sources available to biopharma organisations, but crucially, how to select and navigate datasets to drive meaningful enablement for the business.

In its 2018 analysis of the future healthcare trends, Deloitte predicts that ‘aggregating and deriving insights from a vast array of shared data’ is a competency biopharma organisations of the future will need to focus on to a much greater extent.

How CREATION fits in

Compelling insights and meaningful enablement have always been at the core of our work at CREATION. We have been tracking the digital behaviours of health stakeholders, and healthcare professionals in particular, for more than twenty years.

In the late 1990s, we saw that the Internet was about to change all of our lives and we wanted to be part of that. We quickly saw that in healthcare, the Internet had huge potential to improve outcomes. So we launched the company that’s now called CREATION and we started helping doctors and clinics to get online for the first time. Before we knew it, we were working with the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, as well as the World Health Organization.

In all that time, we were learning about health stakeholders by measuring how they used the Internet – how they responded to health messaging, or how they reached out to each other in online groups and forums and eventually social media. This led us to delivering insights-led strategy to our clients. We used this direct customer intelligence to help our pharmaceutical and healthcare clients to do better healthcare engagement, to drive better outcomes in global public health campaigns and to help them get new treatments to patients.

Since the launch of CREATION Pinpoint in 2013, we have been refining our methodologies for identifying and profiling the most relevant healthcare professionals (HCPs) in a given therapy area, anywhere in the world. Our technologies keep getting more powerful, with recent R&D and academic collaborations providing new advances that we have been rolling out in our most recent research studies.

Over the past ten years we have made huge progress in accessing new data sources. The CREATION Pinpoint® database of over 1.6 million HCP profiles is one example. To manage this data, we have continued to develop our technology platforms, improving integrations and the analysis of these sources. Yet in 2019 our driving passion is not the technology per se, but turning all that data into compelling insights that support meaningful enablement.

As such, we have reinforced our heritage as a strategic partner by emphasising the insights and ongoing support we bring through our consulting, rather than our proprietary technology platform and data source which informs that. This includes:

  • Developing a real time tracking component following a CREATION Pinpoint® study to monitor the impact of the meaningful enablement you implement.
  • Incorporating the six stages of Design Thinking in our project scoping and delivery to understand, explore and materialise the insights from our direct customer intelligence.
  • Structuring our projects and report with a Storytelling with Data approach to create engaging, informative and compelling stories.

What this means for you

Thinking again of Deloitte’s prediction, we are excited to continue supporting biopharma organisations in overcoming business challenges through ‘aggregating and deriving insights from a vast array of shared data’. With our insights-led strategy you can expect:

  1. Support to overcome your business challenges through our research and consulting, not just receiving data.
  2. Confidence that instead of getting overwhelmed with data, our processes and technologies have been designed to get straight to what matters for you.
  3. Support to implement, change and track the ongoing results, with your internal multi-disciplinary team.
  4. Access to richer data, from more diverse sources than ever before as we continue to increase the size and depth of our dataset, currently over 1.6m HCP profiles globally.

For a better understanding of how our direct customer intelligence can support your current and upcoming business challenges drop us a message at [email protected] or catch up on our latest public studies.

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