How You Gain Actionable Insights


What does an actionable insight from HCP online behaviour look like?

Actionable insights are often those that are immediately followed by actions – perhaps a decision to make a change to your messaging, or to provide a new tool for reps in the field. Perhaps you will reach out to individual HCP influencers as a result of the commercial insights you gain, or develop a response to competitor activity.

CREATION Pinpoint studies are designed from the start to provide you with actionable insights. We work with you to understand as much as we can about the context of the study and what you want to learn.

Recent studies have included an analysis of doctors’ attitudes towards a product being launched in a new class of drugs across Europe; an analysis of the concerns of doctors, nurses and pharmacists about a newly recommended drug for children; and identifying key HCP online influencers in the US and Europe around a rare disease.

In the cases above, client teams found insights that:

  • Revealed some surprising perceptions among HCPs
  • Confirmed some existing expectations about HCP attitudes
  • Identified the impact of certain individual online influencers
  • Highlighted competitor messaging
  • Were actionable, leading to changes in brand activity

As one Brand Leader from a Top-10 pharma company said simply after a recent study:

“The reports have been very useful; there was more HCP discussion than I initially thought. We have picked up some genuine insights.”

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