24.08.2020 | Insight

In the absence of external developments, UK HCP interest in COVID-19 depletes

By Laura Marsh

Each month, CREATION.co’s respiratory tracking update brings you the latest insights into the online UK healthcare professional (HCP) conversation regarding respiratory disease. You can find the most up to date insights, and the archive, on our Respiratory Tracker landing page.

Between July and August, the overall level of UK HCP online conversation in respiratory disease dropped compared to previous months.  This was due to fewer HCP discussions relating to COVID-19, which tend to be driven by key news items and events.

With less of an explicit focus on COVID-19, conversations covered a variety of topics. Many HCPs chose to discuss developments in the space such as new guidelines or trial data, with an ultimate focus on supportive patient care.

HCPs often shared peer-facing updates in the respiratory disease landscape, in order to inform and equip one another to provide better care for patients at this time. For example, respiratory physiotherapist Helen Hathaway described a new app for COPD patients in a post shared by 16 other UK HCPs.

UK HCPs also shared various new studies and trial data in the respiratory disease space, often from medical journals. The most shared study, linked by 22 HCPs, was an analysis published in the BMJ showing that supported self-management of asthma is effective in reducing the burden on healthcare providers and improves quality of life for patients.

Each month, we track the HCP conversation relating to respiratory disease and this month we have seen UK HCPs using Twitter as a platform to regularly share updates in the treatment landscape with their peers.

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  • This article analysed the Twitter conversations of HCPs in the UK discussing respiratory disease and related terms between 21 June and 20 July 2020, using CREATION Pinpoint®.
  • Between 21 June and 20 July 2020, there were 4,203 UK HCP mentions of respiratory disease and related terms, from 2,283 unique UK HCP authors.

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