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25.03.2020 | Insight

Influential HCPs lead the way in educating peers and public online

By Laura McIntyre

Influential HCPs lead the way in educating peers and public online

Influential online HCP voices, known as Digital Opinion Leaders, continued to lead the conversation on public social media, responding to emerging healthcare community needs across many therapy areas. Using their network and reach online they rapidly produced visual, easily shareable and timely educational resources.

A UK gastroenterologist Charlie Lees, together with the IBD working group, has shared a video with the top 10 tips for people with IBD during the coronavirus pandemic. The resource was actively shared by the public and other healthcare professionals.

Kay Greveson, an IBD nurse offered help accessing medication and medical support for IBD patients that are not able to return home because of coronavirus.

Digital Opinion Leaders used their online presence to disseminate guidelines as soon as they were published, to keep their patients and peers informed. These were quickly picked up and shared by patient experts seeking to reach an even wider online community.

How could you identify and collaborate with Digital opinion leaders to support their peers and patients online? Could you build stronger, more effective relationships? Head onto our website, creation.co/COVID19, to find out more.

CREATION.co has been tracking the online HCP conversation relating to coronavirus since the start of the outbreak and is committed to supporting healthcare stakeholders globally.

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