23.03.2020 | Health Strategy

Innovating to support your COVID-19 health communications response

By Daniel Ghinn

Innovating to support your COVID-19 health communications response

We can only succeed together

The coronavirus pandemic is, as WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom has put it, “the defining global health crisis of our time”. For those of us in health communications – whether in an NGO, Government, or healthcare company – it may well be the defining communications emergency of our lives. How do we communicate with relevance and truth; with compassion and urgency?

At CREATION.co, our health crisis experience has seen us advising the world’s most influential organisations during international public health emergencies, and coaching global healthcare communicators to prepare for a crisis.

As Tedros Adhanom also says, “We’re all in this together. And we can only succeed together”. So this week, we have allocated all of CREATION.co’s capacity into developing innovative resources for health communicators responding to COVID-19.

In order to determine which messaging tactics, channels and networks are having the greatest impact, we’re putting our experience to work, along with our global healthcare professional network technology, to track the global spread of health messages and engagement.

Our findings will be designed to guide you as you navigate the changing health communications landscape. I’d like to invite you to join either of two upcoming webinars at the end of the week, to learn insights from the front lines of health crisis communications and collaborate with your worldwide peers in an open Q&A session.

Find out more or register for either webinar below:

Coronavirus digital communication strategies for pharma
Latest intelligence on best practice during the COVID-19 crisis
Friday March 27th, 9am Eastern (New York), 1pm GMT (London), 2pm CET (Paris)

Coronavirus digital communication strategies for NGOs, Government and Health Policy
Latest intelligence on best practice during the COVID-19 crisis
Friday March 27th, 10am Eastern (New York), 2pm GMT (London), 3pm CET (Paris)

Meanwhile, we are extremely thankful to clients who have allowed us to put their commercial research projects on hold for the week, so that we can focus on developing insights for the global health community.

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Meet the Author

Daniel Ghinn

Daniel has been at the helm throughout the company’s life since 1998. His rich expertise in working with pharmaceutical businesses has enabled CREATION to build business solutions that fit our clients’ needs.

Daniel is married to Jo, has three children, a cat, a dog, 28 fish, and 160,000 bees.

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