22.12.2017 | Pharma 101

It’s a festive Christmas for Healthcare Professionals

By Lara Meyer

It’s a festive Christmas for Healthcare Professionals

Our 2017 Christmas card shares some festive highlights from the online conversations from healthcare professionals (HCPs). Over 200,000 mentions of Christmas were analysed over a one year period from November 2016. These conversations were among HCPs on public as well as private networks, in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages.


During this period, more than 22,000 HCPs mentioned Christmas. It seems that HCPs enjoy discussing the traditions of the Christmas period with 1,686 mentions of ‘traditions’ and 1,343 mentions of ‘Christmas carols’.

Looking deeper at Christmas traditions, among our public networks, nearly 3,000 mentions were about Christmas movies. Among this discussion the Christmas holiday classics ‘The Grinch’ with 565 mentions, ‘A Christmas Carol’ with 523 mentions, and ‘Home Alone’ with 174 mentions were shared as favourites by HCPs.


In private network, SERMO, HCPs mentioned snow over 300 times. They discussed where the best snowfall would be and considered where to go skiing over Christmas.

In true Christmas spirit HCPs discussed receiving and giving presents and gifts the most. Among a number of different role types, nurses were the most active in this discussion with over 5,800 mentions followed closely my medical doctors with 5,205 mentions of gifts or presents.

At CREATION we enjoy understanding and listening to HCPs’ online conversations, for example in 2016 we identified the HCP who was the ‘most Christmassy‘! We specialise in analysing HCP conversations in both public and private networks, using our technology platform CREATION Pinpoint.

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