Meet the #heswawards Judges: Healthcare Engagement Strategy Awards 2011

As nominations roll in for the Healthcare Engagement Strategy Awards 2011, winners of which will be announced in January, our judging panel is preparing to review and select some of the most effective strategies of the year.

As with the 2010 Awards, the judging panel is made up of members of Creation Healthcare’s consultant team located around the world. This year, the judging panel includes experts in patient engagement, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, stakeholder research, healthcare marketing, and clinical information, and comprises no less than eleven members of our consultant team, based in Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America:

  • Kathi Apostolidis, Greece
  • Chris Earnshaw, Japan
  • Daniel Ghinn, United Kingdom
  • Paul Grant, United Kingdom
  • Thibaud Guymard, France & United Kingdom
  • Sanjay, Motivaras, United Kingdom
  • Susi, O’Neill, United Kingdom
  • Anshika Tripathi, India
  • Kate Tribe, Australia
  • Christine Welniak, USA
  • Colleen Young, Canada

Already we are seeing initiatives that have extended further the boundaries established in the 2010 Awards, and it’s becoming clear that when we announce the winners in January we will have another incredible set of insights and best practice examples that will inspire new healthcare engagement innovation in 2011.

The annual Awards have been designed to celebrate the best examples of healthcare engagement from the previous twelve months, and to leave a legacy that professionals in the health and healthcare industry can draw from. Throughout 2010 we have seen the insights that were shared by winners of the 2010 Awards applied by many others in the field.

You can be amongst first to apply these insights by taking part in one of our Healthcare Engagement Strategy workshops early in 2011. These workshops are for a limited number of participants from the healthcare industry and enable strategies to be explored in detail. Participants at this year’s events in the USA and Europe included pharmaceutical companies, government regulators, hospital groups, healthcare trusts, medical equipment manufacturers, and online networks as well as Google and Youtube.

If you would like find out more about a Healthcare Engagement Strategy 2011 workshop near you, contact Creation Healthcare.

Don’t forget you can nominate entries right up to 31 December 2010. Tell us about strategies, campaigns, initiatives, and people who have made a difference through healthcare engagement during 2010, by tweeting your nomination using hashtag #hesawards, sending a DM to @EngagementStrat or emailing [email protected]. Remember, we’re looking for strategies and people who are achieving great health outcomes. Tell us who or what you nominate and why.

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