Oncologists’ conversations mapped in the Creation Pinpoint Oncology Project

By Daniel Ghinn

At Health 2.0 conference in Barcelona last month, I presented a brand new way of analysing conversations taking place among oncologists. The Creation Pinpoint Oncology Project, produced by the team at Creation Healthcare, maps a network of 1,000 of the world’s most digitally-engaged oncologists and studies the conversations taking place between them.

At the Barcelona conference I demonstrated how this new technology not only isolates one particular group of specialists, but focuses on the engagement actually taking place among them, rather than ‘following’ behaviour typically associated with analysis with conventional social media monitoring platforms.

The breakthrough here is that it is in the two-way conversations among specialists that the most useful insights are: the first post I opened up in the live demo was a lengthy conversation among oncologists discussing approaches to treatment of small cell lung cancer. This ability to focus on what’s most important to oncologists talking with their peers is set to bring new and powerful insights to healthcare.

You can read more about the Creation Pinpoint Oncology Project over on the Creation Pinpoint blog.


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Daniel Ghinn

Daniel has been at the helm throughout the company’s life since 1998. His rich expertise in working with pharmaceutical businesses has enabled CREATION to build business solutions that fit our clients’ needs.

Daniel is married to Jo, has three children, a cat, a dog, 28 fish, and 160,000 bees.