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Oxford university COVID-19 vaccine candidate now the most discussed by HCPs online

By Laura McIntyre

Discover what healthcare professionals (HCPs) think about pharmaceutical products and their manufacturers, as it happens, through CREATION.co’s tracking updates. How are HCPs responding to the latest trial results for COVID-19 vaccine candidates? How are HCPs talking about or engaging with the Top 50 pharma companies on social media? Each week CREATION.co’s tracking updates bring you the latest insights from the conversation of HCPs across the globe discussing these topics and more.

The Top 10 covid-19 vaccine candidates mentioned by HCPs on Twitter in July

Out of 26 candidates in clinical evaluation during July, HCP discussion focused mostly on collaborations between University of Oxford and AstraZeneca which was the most mentioned vaccine candidate, as well as Moderna and NIAID. Compared with the previous tracking period, the top 3 most discussed COVID-19 vaccines remained the same, while new players entered the top 10.

July’s insights from HCPs mentioning covid-19 vaccine candidates on Twitter

During the month of July, the HCP vaccine candidate conversation level on Twitter has decreased slightly when compared to June, yet was still driven by the advancements in study data and new trial stage announcements.

The University of Oxford and AstraZeneca’s Phase II success stirred up the most HCP conversation around the world in July. HCPs mentioned the vaccine in nearly 3,000 posts, mostly sharing the good news of the vaccine being safe and well-tolerated from the University of Oxford and BBC Twitter accounts. The post by Richard Horton, the chief editor of the Lancet medical journal, was the most engaged with by HCPs, resulting in over 200 retweets.

HCPs also shared “very encouraging” University of Oxford/AstraZeneca trial data published in the Lancet Medical journal that was shared by an American cardiologist Eric Topol. A Bloomberg article which stated that the vaccine is “months ahead” of its competitors and told a story of Sarah Gilbert, the lead researcher, had caught HCPs’ attention too.

Moderna/NIAID positive Phase I trial results published in NEJM were labeled by HCPs as “promising” and the whole development – “amazingly fast science”. The second spike in the HCP Moderna/NIAID vaccine mentions was caused by sharing the news of the vaccine advancing into Phase III in the end of July.

Overall, HCPs showed positive attitude towards the vaccine candidate development, with only a minority showing concerns for the cost and discussing the manufacturer profits.

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Top 50 Pharma discussed online

In the rest of the conversation, seperate from COVID-19, successful trial results, including for Bayer’s finerenone and Boehringer’s empagliflozin, reaped positive engagement from HCPs. One HCP in the US not only congratulated Bayer for their results but also two of the trialists involved in the study. Another US HCP shared Boehringer’s trial results adding his highlights from the report.

CREATION.co continues to analyse online HCP conversation on a variety of topics including virtual congress, healthcare changes since the pandemic, product development and therapy area specific insights.

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  • Data for this research was analysed using CREATION Pinpoint® from the online Twitter conversations of HCPs around the world in English language (other languages are available), between July 1st – July 31st, 2020.
  • Vaccines tracked were the 26 COVID-19 vaccine candidates in clinical evaluation before 3 August 2020 update of the WHO Draft landscape of COVID-19 candidate vaccines.

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