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#PancChat continues to drive HCP conversation online

By Lara Meyer

#PancChat continues to drive HCP conversation online

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At the beginning of the month Pancreatic Cancer UK created a video explaining the symptoms of pancreatic cancer to raise awareness. HCPs shared this video and a post by an individual calling HCPs to share the video to help save peoples lives.

When looking at the overall level of online activity of HCPs within the pancreatic cancer conversation, it is clear that the Twitter chat #PancChat facilitated by Lets Win! PC caused the most significant spike in the conversation. A discussion took place on 17th July around the topic ‘The role of the oncology nurse navigator’ (ONN), including dialogue about the importance of ONNscostkey aspects of their roleand ONN training programs.

If you are an HCP who is interested in keeping up-to-date and get involved in discussions about key topics, Twitter chats such as this are increasingly becoming more popular. Consider searching for Twitter chats that are specific to your therapy area or discuss topics that you are interested in.

We have seen manufacturers utilise channels, such as patient advocacy groups (PAGs), to engage and support their HCPs. Do you know which PAGs your HCP customers are engaging with and how could you collaborate with them?


HCPs also shared study results posted during WorldGI2019 regarding targetable NRG1 fusions and a phase 2 trial of ipilimumab + nivolumab + radiation.

HCPs later shared posts announcing the opening of the CIPHER phase 3 trial and shared studies into real world experience of neoadjuvant chemotherapy and the complexities of targeted therapies.

Keeping track of data posts that are shared by your HCP peers, or yourself sharing these releases allows data to be disseminated to a much larger digital audience of HCPs looking for the best treatment for their patients. This helps to breakdown knowledge silos in new treatment releases and treatment decisions made for patients.

FOLFIRINOX was by far the most talked about product, with HCPs sharing posts containing a link to a JAMA article about a phase 2 trial of FOLFIRINOX + losartan + chemoradiotherapy. HCPs were also active in sharing a ‘systematic review and patient-level meta-analysis’ of FOLFIRINOX.


HCPs engage with trial data that has been highly anticipated or been released at congress. Knowing at what events and times of the year your HCPs are engaging with data could help you to release results at key points for HCP engagement. Also, consider how you could build anticipation around data you will be releasing for optimal engagement with HCPs.

The cover image is a false colour SEM image of pancreatic cancer cells, grown in culture.
CREDIT: Anne Weston, Francis Crick Institute used under Creative Commons License.

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The cover image is a false colour SEM image of pancreatic cancer cells, grown in culture.
CREDIT: Anne Weston, Francis Crick Institute used under Creative Commons License.

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