People in Healthcare Engagement Award

By Daniel Ghinn

Healthcare Engagement Strategy Awards 2010

Award: People in Healthcare Engagement
Winner: Lee Aase, Manny Hernandez, Marc Monseau, Andrew Widger

These were the most exciting people in healthcare engagement in 2009 – people who brought significant change to healthcare engagement.

We haven’t ranked these four winners – they’re here for different reasons but they’re all making a real difference and they’re already inspiring those around them. Watch these if you want to learn how to make a real difference!

Winner: Lee Aase

Lee Aase’s down-to-earth attitude to social media has allowed him not only to lead the way with Mayo Clinic’s healthcare engagement in his role as Manager for Syndication and Social Media, but to inspire many others in his field to learn from him.

In his spare time, Lee runs Social Media University Global – a resource blog where he educates others by sharing knowledge about social media.

Winner: Manny Hernandez

Not only the visionary founder of TuDiabetes and the Diabetes Hands Foundation, Manny plays a hugely proactive role in engaging diabetes patients and members of the TuDiabetes and estudiabetes social networks. We consider him to be single-handedly the most influential and engaged patient advocate in this digitally-connected world.

Through his passion for social media and in particular the Ning social network tool, authoring Ning for Dummies, Manny has influenced many both inside and outside healthcare to create and grow social networks.

Winner: Marc Monseau

Marc has led much of Johnson & Johnson’s pioneering use of digital engagement in healthcare, and he always seems happy to share what he’s learned with others in healthcare. Amongst his peers in healthcare, he is considered a leading light in the battle to move the industry forwards in the use of the Internet to engage people.

Winner: Andrew Widger

Nominated by a colleague “for embedding social media deep into the heart of comms strategies across the business”, Pfizer’s Andrew Widger is an advocate for the company’s increasing success with digital engagement, proactively encouraging the embedding of digital strategies into communications initiatives and inspiring his colleagues to do the same.

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