If you already have a healthcare social listening tool why implement another one?

By Katie Kennedy

CREATION.co work with many of the world’s top pharma companies helping them understand the voice of their healthcare professional (HCP) customer online. Lots of these companies have implemented standard healthcare social listening tools such as Synthesio and Brandwatch etc. They are happy with the service they are getting so why would they use us in addition?

Standard healthcare social media monitoring is great at picking up general conversation taking place on social media. For example if you looked at conversation around diabetes online over the last year your standard social media monitoring service would capture millions of tweets, comments, posts and blogs on the subject from a whole range of contributors: patients, support groups, doctors, pharma, students, professors etc.

Better HCP audience segmentation

However, what if you want to separate out the opinions of HCPs from other stakeholders? Typically only 2-5% of the conversation on a disease area will be made by healthcare professionals. Standard healthcare social listening services are unable to filter the data in a way that will quickly separate all HCP conversation from everything else. They work by using keywords to try and filter out a workable list of potential HCPs but this can be unreliable and time consuming.


Creation Pinpoint, a niche social media monitoring tool for pharma, has a database of 120,000 healthcare professionals worldwide

Creation Pinpoint, a niche social media monitoring tool for pharma, has a database of 2.5 million healthcare professionals worldwide

Our database tracks over 2.5 million global HCP social media profiles all of which have been verified by a team of Data Analysts. When we add an HCP to our pool of 2.5 million we capture publically accessible information on role and location. This enables our Insight Analysts to easily access HCP specific conversations and find out each HCP customer groups thoughts, opinions and online behaviours within specified regions/countries.

Identify the online influencers, the HCP Digital Opinion Leaders

Since we capture the roles and geographic locations of our HCPs we are able to help you identify which HCPs are your digital opinion leaders (DOLs) based on both the topics they are engaging with peers on, the HCP role types they are influencing and the geographic regions they are most influential in.

Our data sources include public social media posts from sites like Twitter, Instagram, Weibo and HCP blogs/forums (among others) and doctors conversations from within Sermo, one of the leading private social media networks, to help you understand the conversations taking place on both public and private networks.

With over 20 years experience working with the pharmaceutical industry we understand the complexities of this market. We believe that automatic sentiment analysis is not yet reliable enough for a complex industry like the pharmaceutical industry and so all data is examined by our team of highly-skilled Insight Analysts. They transform our unique data into an easily digestible report complete with advice on how to use our insights to make practical improvements to your HCP marketing strategy.

Discover the regional difference in online conversation

We also understand that each geographical market differs in both their regulations and cultural subtleties. As well as our global Insight Analyst team, we also partner with Language Analysts who support the team to capture not just the translation but any cultural nuances and hidden meanings.

General social listening tools are essential and most top pharma companies have already implemented one. But if you want tailored data-led insights specifically for your HCP marketing strategy that is where we can help.

Contact me on katie@creation.co to request a free presentation on our services.

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Meet the Author

Katie Kennedy

Katie has a background working within health organisations and continues to champion the work we do at CREATION.co amongst our current and future clients.

When not at work Katie enjoys being a mother to her two little girls, a dog, a cat, and a tortoise.

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